• A-frame signs
  • Sandwich boards


  • Clamp-style hinge – the double-sided hinge clamp prevents the sign boards from bending or breaking off the hinge.
  • Wide Hinges – each hinge features a double-sided clamp-style design, providing you with a sturdy grip on the sign boards.
  • 14” Steel Rod – the handle reduces your costs because it can support both small and large sandwich boards without needing to stock multiple sizes.
  • High-density polyethylene plastic – encased around the steel rod is this plastic coating. The coating is durable for both hot and cold climate conditions and prevents the rod from bending, breaking, and scratching.



  • Less prone to rust – the Contour Hinge Handle is designed to have no exposed steel when assembled to reduce any chance of rusting.
  • Fasteners Included – Wafer Head Screws are supplied for quick assembly. We also offer Flange Bolts and Locknuts, or T-Nuts and Machine Screws. Each option suits a different purpose to help you exceed your customers’ sign need.
  • Packaged in convenient quantities of 30. 
  • Each handle set includes:
    • One - 14” steel and polyethylene handle
    • Four – wide durable clamp-style hinges
    • One – set of fasteners (choose between 3 options).